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Laura Schroeder

Instructional Services Specialist    ,

Laura received her MSW at Georgia State University, and has had over a decade of experience on various grant projects through the school of social work at the University. She has experience as a Program Coordinator for the Title IV-E Child Welfare Scholars program, & as an outcome Evaluator for the program she currently works on, The Professional Excellence Program,  a statewide workforce development training program for the Department of Family and Children Services.  She was charged to create and execute project work plans related to creating a Web based training program, now called the “Ask the Expert” webinar series. In improving upon the Ask the Expert Webinar Series created in 2012-13 she has been trained in various software to create more advanced e-learning projects using Webex, Camtasia, Course Sites, Moovly, Powtoon, Piktochart,  various Adobe products, and has received training in video & editing software such as iMovie, Audacity & Garage Band and Adobe Premiere Pro.   Her passion is the creation of quick time video to enhance, and support the training environment, from basic tutorials, to more advanced video of classroom training and webinars.  Laura considers herself a bit of a geek and gets a bit giddy when it comes to video and the production side of things.  She feels she has finally found a way to express her creative side both in and outside of work.