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Patrick Strawser

Instructional Designer    

Pat began working professionally in multimedia and graphic design in 1999. Since then, he has worked in the print and sign industry as a graphic designer and layout artist in and around the Athens and Atlanta areas, even managing a sign production company in 2010. He is also a contract instructional designer and graphic designer, working with a diverse set of clients such as IEEE, University of Georgia, SCAC, the Progress Group, and various Atlanta-area instructional design companies. In addition to instructional design, Pat also works as a professional touring musician, composer, and music instructor at Atlanta Institute of Music and Media in Duluth, Georgia. He has also had the opportunity to serve as a youth camp counsellor for English camps in South Korea and China. Pat holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Georgia and a Master’s of Education with a focus on Instructional Design and Development from the University of Georgia.